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ARE Lawyers Publish Article in NYIPLA Newsletter on PTAB Successes, Outcomes and Results

NYIPLA, The Report, Summer 2021 Issue, July 27, 2021, p. 60
Author(s): Charles R. Macedo, Christopher Lisiewski

ARE Law attorneys Charley Macedo and Chris Lisiewski and summer associate Thomas Hart published an article in the latest NYIPLA newsletter, "A Look at the Data: PTAB Successes, Outcomes and Results" with Ken Adamo and Amy Towell based on a recent presentation given by the NYIPLA's PTAB and Young Lawyers Committees with Docket Navigator. 

The USPTO provided its latest statistics as reported in their quarterly roundup, found on their website, and Docket Navigator prepared a special report for this presentation reporting on comparable statistics over the life the PTAB since 2012, when IPR, PGR and CBM proceedings first commenced.

Read the full article.

Note, Ken Adamo is co-chair with Charley Macedo of the NYIPLA's PTAB Committee and Amy Towell is the COO of Docket Navigator. 

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