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IPWatchdog Article:
Navigating Bitcoin and Blockchain for Digital Businesses: Key Use Cases

October 2, 2019
Author(s): Charles R. Macedo, Barry Brager*

IP Watchdog featured an article by partner Charley Macedo on "Navigating Bitcoin And Blockchain For Digital Businesses: Key Use Cases." In the article, Charley notes that "In the not too distant future, as consumers and retailers become accustomed to stable value coins, one can easily imagine websites and mobile applications accepting stable value coins, in addition to (or instead of) credit cards."

The authors note that "much has been written about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, including a prior article in which we provided an overview on “The Bitcoin Network, Blockchain Technology and Altcoin Futures.” To keep pace with the evolving nature of blockchain intellectual property and technology, below we provide some sample use cases of how blockchain innovations are already being leveraged in commerce and likely to be exploited in the near future."

Full article available here.

The article was co-written by Barry Brager.

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