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MEMS & Semiconductors

From cars to HDTV’s and from cameras to cell phones, semiconductors are everywhere. And as improved materials and design and production methods are developed, they all need protection.

At Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP, we have over fifty years of experience exclusively in intellectual property law. Our team of scientifically trained and multi-talented lawyers, with degrees in fields such as physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, and chemistry, are at home with the complex challenges on the cutting edge of semiconductor technology.

Whether you manufacture DRAMs, ASICs, plasma or liquid crystal displays, or the electronics and photomasks used in semiconductor production itself, our experienced lawyers can assist you at every stage of a product’s life-cycle.

We develop patent strategies to maximize protection and minimize infringement risks by identifying vulnerabilities and considering variations on design concepts. We can analyze your product lines, conduct right to use studies and help you adapt to avoid violating other companies’ intellectual property.

Together, we can develop and implement a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio to maximize your competitive power.

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